What Makes Touchstone the Right Choice

Touchstone Group was founded in 2008 and has experienced success leading to dramatic growth and 8 figure annual revenues.

Touchstone’s Reach Spans Across Multiple Sectors

Commercial Construction

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Property Management

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Investment & Development

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Commercial Brokerage

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Residential Construction

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Client Satisfaction at the division level

  • Commercial Construction – A process that begins with thorough discussions regarding the client’s goals and objectives for the project.  This addresses many foreseeable problems & pitfalls, affords the team an early and inexpensive opportunity for value-engineering, and establishes strong communication channels for regular reporting and complete transparency throughout the project.
  • Investment Development –Touchstone’s approach affords clients a single point of contact and a single contract for everything related to the project.  This eliminates the complexity, confusion, time, and expense on the client’s part.  No matter the issue, question, comment, problem, or solution, the single established point of contact is the “go-to” resource. Time is indeed money in Investment Development, and Touchstone has organized its team and its processes to save its clients both.
  • Property Management – Touchstone’s experience across multiple property types in assorted submarket locations yields a depth of local knowledge that enables Touchstone to provide trusted advisory and operating management services all focused on maximizing net revenue generation.
  • Acquisition/Disposition– During its years of experience in the Chicagoland markets, Touchstone has evolved proprietary tools and processes that convert publicly available data into actionable insight, comparing submarket locations, residential/commercial/industrial property types, and specific properties to identify candidate properties with highest upside potential in acquisition or highest return in disposition.
  • Residential Construction– Understanding the importance to its clients with residential construction projects, Touchstone assured confidence and satisfaction with its performance by providing a 1 year workmanship warranty on all its residential construction projects.  This warranty is alongside warranties of parts and materials as provided by their respective manufacturers.

Value at the division level

  • Commercial Construction – Touchstone adds value for its Commercial Construction project clients not only with its exacting and professional execution of the project, but throughout the experience by applying its decades of experience in construction and with local market regulatory procedures, helping to keep the project moving forward while avoiding or eliminating operational, design or compliance issues that otherwise stall projects.
  • Investment Development – Touchstone’s accumulated years of experience are brought to bear in its work with Investment Development clients.  The application of its proprietary tools and processes leverage public information to provide insights across property types and geographic submarkets, highlighting specific characteristics of multiple opportunities and enabling clients to make straightforward comparison across such opportunities.
  • Property Management – Lengthy experience in the various Chicagoland submarkets has provided Touchstone with expertise that is extremely important to its property management clients, as this experience leads to a body of knowledge regarding not only market terms and conditions, but also compliance and regulatory requirements across the variety of these submarkets.  Helping clients and their properties avoid extraordinary expenses for unforeseen fees, fines, penalties, and expenses leads Touchstone-managed properties to maximize net revenue realization.
  • Acquisition/Disposition – Touchstone adds value to its clients’ acquisition or disposition projects  in multiple ways.  Its single point of contact simplifies the process on the client side.  Proprietary tools and processes lead to exceptional insight across geographic and property type submarkets.  These benefits combine to make the client’s project progress more smoothly to completion, thereby accelerating the benefits of the opportunity to the client.
  • Residential Construction – Touchstone’s addition of value in its residential construction clients extends well beyond the completion of the construction, and even beyond its 1 year workmanship warranty.  The quality materials and craftsmanship of Touchstone construction means that these advantage will last for years to come, and be enjoyed and appreciated by the client, and perhaps by those owners yet to come.

Stress Free Problem Solving at the division level

  • Commercial Construction – Years of time-tested experience have led Touchstone to commit to the highest quality in its people, processes, and materials. This commitment affords unparalleled efficiency in its progress through planning and construction.  The same commitment means that its projects move smoothly through all regulatory reviews and inspections, and minimal disruption and short punch lists.  All of this means that the client enjoys a more stress-free experience, and that prompt completion leads to rapid commissioning and earlier enjoyment of the project benefits, be they financial or operational.
  • Investment Development – Touchstone’s proprietary analytical tools enable thorough and effective comparative analysis of competing opportunities at the outset of the project.  The resulting decisions have the entire team committed, leading to lower stress, faster execution, and earlier enjoyment of the project returns.
  • Property Management – Property management clients are often, and rightly, concerned about the visibility of their properties’ performance.  Touchstone provides its property management clients with full transparency reporting, both periodic and pro-active, including output from a very robust suite of software, so that its clients are able to maintain whatever level of awareness suits their requirement.  In no instance should any client have any unresolved stress or worry over their asset’s fiscal and operational performance, or its management.
  • Acquisition/Disposition – Having established strong communication through its single point of contact model, and completed extensive discussions prior to launch, the client team will appreciate the efficiency and timeliness of the progress of the Touchstone process, mitigating most common stress points, and enhancing team confidence and success.
  • Residential Construction – Using its tools and processes to establish clear mutual understanding and agreement with its clients, Touchstone manages the construction process with the same degree of professionalism and thoroughness, mitigating disruption to client daily activities and reducing the potential stress typically associated with disruption.